TDI Instructor Trainer

The Instructor Trainer Workshop (ITW) is an intense eight day course that includes academic, pool, and open water sessions. The ITW trains candidates as full evaluators, to conduct TDI Instructor Courses independently. A corresponding, current instructor level rating must be held for all IT levels, along with minimum student certifications as detailed in this outline. During this course, you will work directly with the headquarters staff presenting and evaluating various subjects such as: methods of instruction, dive leader risk management, the business of scuba diving, as well as teaching technical instructor level courses.

What you can expect to learn

In addition to topics from the Course Director Program, the following topics, in line with information detailed in the current IT manual, are required to be covered and the candidate’s comprehension and ability to convey them are required to be evaluated:

  • Documentation required for TDI Instructor programs. How to conduct TDI Instructor courses
  • Regional and cultural factors, along with laws affecting dive professionals, i.e. state and country
  • Diving emergency management
  • Advanced learning techniques
  • How headquarters determines equivalency of standards with other dive training organizations

Course Equipment Requirements


Course Prerequisites

  • Minimum age 21
  • Provide proof of 300 logged dives
  • Be an active SDI Course Director and have conducted a minimum of 1 instructor development course (IDC)


    • Be an active SDI Open Water Scuba Diver Instructor who has assisted with 1 complete instructor development course (IDC)
    • Have issued a minimum of 200 SDI Diver certifications at various levels, or equivalent, suggested levels as define below:
      • 150 open water scuba diver
      • 20 rescue diver
      • 25 specialty diver
      • 5 divemaster or assistant instructor

A minimum of 50 of the required student certifications must be SDI or TDI unless authorized in writing by the Training Department prior to course commencement

  • Provide proof of current CPR, first aid and oxygen provider, where local law permits
  • Have a current medical examination for scuba diving signed by a licensed physician

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