Advanced Mixed Gas CCR

The highest level of Closed Circuit Rebreather (CCR) training that TDI offers, the Advanced Mixed Gas Course will teach you how to use the full capabilities of a CCR. With a maximum depth of 100 metres/330 feet, this course opens up a whole new realm of diving including new wrecks, caves and walls to explore in depths you previously could not reach on a rebreather. This intensive course conducted over seven dives will focus on all the elements needed to plan and execute dives to these depths.

What you can expect to learn

Course Equipment Requirements

  • TDI Diving Rebreathers Student Manual or eLearning
  • TDI Advanced Trimix student manual or eLearning
  • TDI Diving Rebreathers Instructor Guide
  • TDI Advanced Trimix Instructor Guide
  • Unit specific rebreather manual
  • TDI Diving Rebreathers PowerPoint Presentation
  • Manufacturer’s manual and updates
  • Manufacturer’s Build Checklist
  • TDI CCR Preflight Checklist
  • A complete unit specific CCR; this should be the student’s personal unit. Any modifications must be approved by the manufacturer
  • Minimum of 1 CCR mixed gas computer and 1 backup OC/CCR computer for bailout in the event of a system failure
  • Bailout gas cylinders (minimum 3) with the appropriate capacity for the planned dive, each equipped with a first and second stage and SPG
  • Mask, backup mask, fins and a suitable line-cutting device
  • Slate and pencil
  • Reel or spool with a minimum of 100 metres / 330 feet of line
  • Reel with a minimum of 50 metres / 165 feet of line
  • Two lift bags / delayed surface marker buoys (DSMB’s) with adequate lift and size for the dive environment
  • Exposure suit adequate for the open water environment where training will be conducted
  • Access to an oxygen analyzer
  • Access to a helium analyzer
  • Adequate weight

Course Prerequisites

  • Minimum age of 18
  • Certified TDI CCR Mixed Gas Diluent diver, or equivalent from agencies recognized by TDI
  • Have verified logs of a minimum of 100 hours as a certified CCR diver over a minimum of 100 dives; a minimum of 50 hours and 50 dives must be on the unit specific CCR. Fifty percent of these dives must be deeper than 30 metres/100 feet. All dives to be deeper than 9 metres/20 feet

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