Sidemount Diving


Sidemount is a scuba diving equipment configuration which has diving cylinders mounted alongside the diver, below the shoulders and along the hips, instead of on the back of the diver. It began as a configuration popular with advanced cave divers, as smaller sections of cave can be penetrated and tanks can be changed with greater ease. The same benefits for operating in confined spaces were also recognized by divers who conducted technical wreck penetrations.

Sidemount diving is now growing in popularity within the technical diving community for general decompression diving, and is becoming an increasingly popular specialty training for recreational diving. Narked Scuba offers recreational and technical level sidemount training programs through IANTD.

Sidemount Programs

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Open Water Sidemount Diver
Technical Sidemount Diver
Rebreather Sidemount Diver
Advanced Cave Sidemount Diver