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Got Sidemount?

About Sidemount Diving “Where are your tanks?” “What is that thing you’re wearing?” “Is that some kind of Alien Suit?” All things I’ve heard from divers, eyeing my “side mount” gear, who haven’t investigated the world of technical diving yet. Sidemount is such an amazing tool, making a huge presence within the cave community and…
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Diving Air to Save a Buck

Benefits of Diving Nitrox How many times have you heard someone say they’re going to dive air vs Nitrox to save money? Sure, they “save” a few dollars by not getting a Nitrox fill, but they limit their bottom time and shorten their overall dive experience. They may also run a higher risk of getting…
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The Dark Side

Earlier this month, I finished up my Dive Rite O2ptima CCR training with IANTD at Blue Grotto and Peacock Springs in Florida. After that, several friends welcomed me over to “The Dark Side” of diving. This term is used so loosely these days that it got me thinking. I made the plunge to “The Dark…
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