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Spock Diver

Sidemount or Side mount? Drysuit or Dry suit? Wetsuit or wet suit? I’m not one to get too technical … no really, I haven’t gone much deeper than 130 feet, but that’s not the point. I want to get technical about dive words. Yup, the slang words we throw around as divers, the terminology used…
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Women’s Dive Day

Women's Dive Day This past weekend Narked Scuba celebrated Women’s Dive Day at Ginnie Springs in High Springs, Florida.  Women’s Dive Day is a celebration of female divers. Together we can emphasize our love for the water and the sport of scuba diving. By encouraging women across the globe at all levels of diving, to dive…
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Nature’s Call… The She-P Debut

Nature’s Call… The She-P Debut Caution: The following blog contains adult content and humor, parental advisory is highly suggested. If you are easily offended, do not read. Well I know I am supposed to be an “adult” and a professional, so I should be able to talk properly about male and female anatomy without snickering,…
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[7 tips for diving with Claustrophobia]   It isn’t uncommon for strangers chime into my conversations when talking about diving. They usually interject with one of those famous questions mentioned in my previous blog, generally starting with “aren’t you scared?” most often times followed up with “I would be terrified. I can’t dive, I am…
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