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Sidemount or Side mount? Drysuit or Dry suit? Wetsuit or wet suit?

I’m not one to get too technical … no really, I haven’t gone much deeper than 130 feet, but that’s not the point. I want to get technical about dive words. Yup, the slang words we throw around as divers, the terminology used in our training materials, the stuff you read about on the internet. It is amazing how consistently inconsistent they are... not just on websites, but also in training materials, forums, and printed articles. The dive community has distinguished ways to dive, so let’s pick a way to write these damn words please!

Let’s start with a simple one.

Tek, Tec, Tech …. Short for technical; used in reference to gear, divers, or other stuff not used in your open water class. There is no such word as Tek or Teknical, so where did the “K” come from? When I see the word Tek it makes me think of Trek, as in Star Trek… and the last time I checked no one looks like Spock! It’s either “tec” or “tech” get it right.

Alright, let’s try one that’s a little more complicated.

Drysuit vs. Dry Suit & Wetsuit vs. Wet Suit. If you look at some major manufactures’ websites for these exposure suits, more often than not they appear as one word which is how they should be written. You would never see the word sweatshirt as two words … so why are drysuit and wetsuit any different? If you write them as “dry suit” and “wet suit” now we’re dealing with adjectives, prepositions, and nouns… yuck. I’ll stick to diving one word; DRYSUIT.

And last but not least…

Sidemount, Side-mount, Side Mount vs. Backmount, Back-Mount, Backmount… Alas the two that appear different EVERYWHERE. First of all, what the hell is a hyphen? Words should either be one word or two separate words, not maybe both. There is some serious debate though if sidemount and backmount should be one or two words. Quite frankly, it just looks better as one word, and looking cool is rule #1 in diving… so that solves that problem. #SIDEMOUNT

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